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:: Friday, November 15, 2002 ::

Damn good thing Ferris got away...

From FOXNews.com:

Actor Jeffrey Jones, best known as the suspicious high school dean of students in Ferris Bueller's Day Off, was arrested Thursday for allegedly having sex with a 17-year-old boy and possessing child pornography, authorities said.
:: Peter 11/15/2002 04:43:00 PM [+] ::

Jewish Baseball Cards

I collect baseball cards. I have probably close to 20,000 in boxes in storage. Yes, twenty thousand. Something like 25 boxes of 800+ cards. Most of them are worthless. Well, worthless to a collector, I'm sure they have some value to the 'Common' baseball players and their families. But Beckett judges them 'Common' so they're worthless. But I save them anyway. Someday I'll give them to my son. I wish my father had saved his baseball cards to give to me.

Over the last year or so, I haven't been buying cards as much. In economic down times collectibles suffer, which, of course, is the best time to buy them since not as many people are buying.

The following set should be out next year, I highly recommend it for those interested in the role of Jews in US history. The American Jewish Historical Society is releasing a set of baseball cards commemorating Jews in baseball: "American Jews in America's Game, 1871-2002"

My favorite anecdote from the project:

"Reese changed his given name to Jimmy Reese, and no one knew that he was Jewish when he broke in with the Yankees in 1930," Reese batted .346 in his rookie year with the Bronx Bombers, and was an astounding 10 for 20 that season as a pinch-hitter. "One day, in an exhibition game, Reese stepped into the batter's box against a Jewish pitcher and Jewish catcher who communicated their signs in Yiddish. Reese feasted on this pitcher in the past, and the catcher was perplexed."
"You are hitting the ball extremely well against us - it's as if you know what we're going to throw before the ball comes to the plate" the catcher said to Reese, according to Abramowitz. "We're giving each other signs in Yiddish - there is no way that you could know that."
"Reese paused, then he told the catcher, 'My name is Hymie Solomon.' "

:: Peter 11/15/2002 10:37:00 AM [+] ::

VH1 Classic

Entertainment Weekly gives a brief review of the new video channel that actually, shows videos :

"STYX ''Mr. Roboto'' (1983) As frontman Dennis DeYoung overacts it up, an army of slow-moving, nightmare-nurturing robots (top right image) attempt to take over the world just as we've always feared: by playing mercilessly cheesy keyboard riffs. Arigato be kidding us.

"RICK SPRINGFIELD ''Human Touch'' (1983) Performing, for no apparent reason, on a cheaply designed spaceship, the regally attired Springfield (think Sgt. Pepper-meets-Captain Kirk) performs a futuristic dance routine while a sad-looking four-eyed alien wheezes into a saxophone. Fortunately for Springfield, in space, no one can hear you suck."

:: Peter 11/15/2002 10:23:00 AM [+] ::

Caucasian Terrorists?

Caught a commercial for one of this weekend's Law and Order spinoffs. In it they deal with a suicide bomber. An apparently white, neo-nazi suicide bomber. Like Sum of All Fears: The PC Movie version and not the book version.

Because of all the white, neo-nazi suicide bombers we've experienced over the yearsI guess. In places like Idon'tknowdoyou and Idon'tknowthiseither. How intensely stupid do they think we are?

First rule of war: know your enemy. They know who we are, their own words speak loud and clear, from Little Green Footballs:

"From the Grand Mosque in Sanaa, Yemen:
"O God, support whoever supports religion, humble whoever humbles Muslims, and give success and mercy to the nation of Muhammad." He also prays: "O God, give victory to our brother mujahidin in Palestine and everywhere. O God, make them steadfast and strengthen their hearts." He goes on: "O God, deal with the Jews and their supporters and the Christians and their supporters. Shake the land under their feet, instill fear in their hearts, and freeze the blood in their veins. O God, deal with them for they are within your power. Turn fate against them, lower their flags, divide their ranks, and disperse their assemblies. O God, we ask you to deal with them and spare us their evil. O God, make fate turn against them."

They obviously know who their enemy is.
:: Peter 11/15/2002 09:15:00 AM [+] ::

:: Thursday, November 14, 2002 ::


Might as well enjoy this cartoon while it lasts...

:: Peter 11/14/2002 01:26:00 PM [+] ::

Humane Character?

Straight from the horse's mouth, so to speak, more from Interior Minister Prince Naif "who is the general supervisor of the Saudi committee for supporting Al-Quds intifada":

"Prince Naif promised full support of the Saudi people and government to the Palestinians in their struggle. "The Kingdom’s stand in support of the Palestinians will continue, if Allah wills, until their demands are met. This stand is primarily dictated by our religion, and our Arab and humane character," said the prince."
:: Peter 11/14/2002 08:49:00 AM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, November 13, 2002 ::

Arab News Letters

There are two letters I wanted to share with you today:

"Oilmen in command
Stephen Cifarelli (Nov. 11) asked where I got my information about the US profiting from the Gulf War and the fact that Israel has the fourth largest army. Well, I got that information directly from the US media, both television and newspaper.
Maybe Cifarelli is the one who needs to do his homework. Maybe he should investigate the billions of dollars of military aid given to Israel by the US every year and the fact that Israel is allowed to maintain multiple nuclear bombs with US blessing and financing. In addition, every man and woman over the age of 18 is either on active duty or are reservists in the IDF and are considered members of their military.
Second, Saudi Arabia is absolutely right not to bend to US pressure and back the war with Iraq. It is stupid to stay that Saudis should support the US in its blind rhetoric and warmongering ways. The US under the Bush administration is fast becoming an aggressive military power that only has two things in sight regarding the Middle East: Israel’s security and control of the oil fields. Its policy has become one of letting everything else be damned. Is that something Cifarelli is proud of? I’m not.
There are rules and covenants that the world runs on and the Bush administration has bent and twisted them to suit its own agenda. They include the Geneva Conventions. The administration cleverly labels the prisoners of Afghanistan as “combatants”, keeping them from exercising the protection of their human rights. Not one of these people has been charged or tried for anything; yet they sit there imprisoned; they have become political prisoners with no concern for the truth. Yet the US screams if some other nation commits human rights violations.
Double standard is becoming the mark of US policy. Other countries throughout the world need to start saying “no” to the US and its policies of unfettered destruction and murder of innocent civilians as it prepares itself for attacks on yet another innocent population. It couldn’t catch Osama Bin Laden; what makes Cifarelli think that it is going to get Saddam? The US military failed miserably in Somalia. Does Cifarelli really think it will be successful in a city of four million people like Baghdad? All that the US will accomplish is the bombing of vital infrastructures within Iraq, creating more misery for the civilian population. If he thinks this will incite the people of Iraq to fight against Saddam, he knows nothing about national pride. This will only rally them to support Saddam further.
This war with Iraq has the possibility of pitting the entire Middle East against the US. Is this really in our own best national interests? Why not worry about the huge unemployment rate and terrible economic condition of our own country first? Oh sorry, I forgot, Bush and Cheney are oil men!
Jenifer, Seattle, US published 13 November 2002"

Now, I have a question for my few readers: What do you say to someone who thinks this way? Honestly, what information can you provide them that could conceivably possibly change her mind? I'm at an absolute loss here, I'm really not sure what to say in response to this thought-process (or, more accurately, lack-of-thought-process). Jenifer asks if this is really in our best national interest. This, obviously, being an attack on Iraq. What information can be provided to Jenifer that would cause her to finally understand the truth other than Sharia being imposed in the US because we failed to act now. Is that what it will take? Our defeat?

I saved this letter for last because, in an odd sort of way, this letter answers Jenifer's question:

"US support
Pamala Smith (Nov. 11) writes, “The facts are that Israel is there to stay. And the US will not abandon her. Can’t you accept that?”
First, the answer to her question is a simple “no”. We will not accept a fascist state among us that has ethnically cleansed over four million people and stole their land.
The second part of her letter is another American joke, she proclaims, “If you were a tiny little Arab state surrounded by huge Jewish states that wanted to destroy you, do you not think that the US would support you also, as they do Israel? Of course we would.”
Aren’t the Palestinian people a little Arab nation surrounded by a huge (militarily superior) Jewish state that has been destroying them for the last six decades? Which side does your country support, Pamala?
Nizam Addien B. Yagoub, Abqaiq published 13 November 2002"

Israel, a 'facist' state?

Jenifer, there's your answer, in black and white: Can the Arabs accept the existence of Israel?

"the answer to her question is a simple “no”."

What do our enemies need to do or say before some people accept the fact that they mean what they do and say?

Which side does our country support? The side which supports liberty and freedom for all. The side which seeks peace and religious freedom. We support Israel. Gladly, proudly, always.
:: Peter 11/13/2002 11:09:00 AM [+] ::


This is faintly disturbing, in a creepy sort of way, from the Arab News:

"WAMY (World Assembly of Muslim Youth, ed.) had also drawn up an ambitious program to train 1,000 university students in the United States, so that they could defend their faith in the US. The pilot project would start with 142 students, of whom 60 would come from Kansas, 40 from Florida, and 42 from Maryland. These trainees would be put through an orientation program to enable them to project Islam in its correct perspective."

This from an article which states: "The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has issued an appeal for donations during the holy month of Ramadan to help spearhead a media campaign in the US in defense of Prophet Muhammed (peace be upon him) and Islam."
:: Peter 11/13/2002 10:51:00 AM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 ::

Water, Water Everywhere?

From a column by Frank J. Gaffney, Jr. comes this quote:

An Israeli online publication called Globes reported on November 6 that Israel's Meteorological Service is forecasting a winter drought over the period from December 2002 to February 2003, historically the country's wettest months. If the predictions prove accurate, Israel will see little precipitation, prompting its Water Commissioner, Shimon Tal, to warn that "Israel's reservoirs will be empty by the end of the 2003 winter, posing a real threat to the supply of drinking water." According to Mr. Tal, "this situation will last until the desalination facilities [being built in Israel] are fully operational and other water sources, including imports in 2004, are created, which will provide 400 million cubic meters of water a year."

It ends with a detailed analysis of how the Arab states are always working to destroy Israel.
:: Peter 11/12/2002 09:19:00 AM [+] ::
:: Monday, November 11, 2002 ::


Godspeed, to everyone who has ever defended this great country of ours, my father included.

:: Peter 11/11/2002 10:54:00 AM [+] ::

Predictions for 2004

Today, November 11, 2002 (Veteran's Day). So, I'm going to make a prediction for the Democrats. You remember them? The party in such incredible disarray that Frank Lautenberg is their shining star. The election last week was the final nail in the stained coffin of the Clinton Era. The Dems lost their way in the 90's by hitching their wagon to Bill Clinton and they stand today but a hollow shell of those heady glory days (we might not have agreed with them but they partied it up with victory after victory for a long while there, politics is, after all, cyclical). So, who is going to lead them now?

Hillary? Can you imagine the landslide of W v. Hillary? And you thought Mondale was crushed in 1984?

Daschle? Gephardt? These are the symbols of the Democrat defeat in 2002, can you really picture them leading that party in 2004?

I know Roy Barnes had entertained thoughts of throwing his hat in the ring but he just lost the governor's mansion and has become yet another symbol of donkey defeat. The governor of California? Sure, he's a dem, but who'd vote for him?

Jesse 'The Sloganmaster' Jackson? Jesse 'The Body' Ventura would have a better chance.

So, who is left? Who could right this sinking ship? Who could stand there and rally the masses to, at the least, make it a contest in 2004? Who, indeed?

Ladies and Gentlemen, I give you my prediction for the next leader of the Democrats: Senator Zell Miller. Conservative. Respected. With a proven track record with a glorious legacy (the Hope Scholarship) as the governor of Georgia (if I'm not mistaken he ended his time as governor with higher approval ratings than any governor, anywhere, any time). With the habit of speaking his mind and standing behind what he says. And, still, a Democrat. Sure, some Democrats might have fantasies of Powell or McCain switching parties, but that's not going to happen. Miller is already a Democrat. With the respect of the Republicans.

Bush v. Miller. What a debate that'll be.

Of course, knowing the Democrats, they'll run Hillary in 2004. If Hillary's smart she won't run in 2004, instead waiting for 2008 to run against Condoleeza Rice.
:: Peter 11/11/2002 10:05:00 AM [+] ::

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