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:: Friday, December 06, 2002 ::


Feel this...

:: Peter 12/06/2002 10:57:00 AM [+] ::


Good for at least a laugh or two every day, Newsmax's daily reporting on the late night monologues is a daily must stop on my web surfing. Today's gem, from Jay Leno:

"And finally, the Fox Network has a new reality show called "Joe Millionaire,” which 20 women compete to marry a man they’re told has just inherited $50 million dollars. And at the end of the season, after he picks the woman, they’re told he’s just a "regular Joe” who makes $19,000 a year. That’ll be followed by another Fox show called "When Whores Attack.”
:: Peter 12/06/2002 10:36:00 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, December 05, 2002 ::

Arab News...

While this is merely the lede and the rest of the editorial covers other aspects of this situation, there is something intensely disturbing about this paragraph:

"Treatment of non-Muslims (by) Amr Muhammad Al-Faisal/Al-Madinah
A few days ago I received a mobile phone message asking me to raise my hands when I broke my fast at sunset and pray against America. I kept thinking of the request but when the time came, I prayed to God to guide the American people onto the right path, leading them to understanding and helping them to become an asset to Islam. At the taraweeh (late night) prayers on that same day, the imam who led the congregation called upon the Almighty to inflict the severest punishment upon both Jews and Christians."

:: Peter 12/05/2002 02:29:00 PM [+] ::

Voice from the Left

Sometimes support comes from odd sources. This, from Savage Love:

Confidential to George W. Bush: Ann Landers advised presidents, and now that I own her desk, I'm gonna start: So Saudi money may have financed the 9/11 attacks. Can we go ahead and invade Saudi Arabia now and get it over with, please? If we're serious about halting the spread of Islamo-fascism, I think we should fight the problem at its source--or sources, plural, I should say. America's dependence on oil enriches the Saudis, who turn around and spend the money--our money!--promoting fanatical hatred of the United States all over the world. Here's a thought, Mr. President: Let's shitcan the tax cuts for the superwealthy and invest the money in alternative fuels, wind and solar power, and the development of affordable electric cars. This won't stop Islamo-fascism, of course. We're still going to have to fight these bastards; unlike some of my lefty pals, I'm all for fighting the bastards. But I don't think it makes much sense to fight Islamo-fascism and finance it at the same time.

:: Peter 12/05/2002 10:15:00 AM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, December 03, 2002 ::

Working late

At work late at night allows me to see tomorrow's Arab News. And it's full of informative statements:

Fighting terrorism the wrong way
By Muhammad Omar Al-Amoudi
gives us: "It is indeed strange that a country in which universities, research centers and political and strategic experts abound, no one points out the simple fact that it is unfair US policies that are at the root of the terrorist menace."

Damn, I had almost forgot that we're to blame when people kill us. It's all our fault. Must have been that short dress we were wearing.

...Till ignorance us do part
By Hussein Shobokshi
gives us this bit of sparkling 'imaginary' conversation between a 'typical' American and a 'typical' Saudi Arabian: "A strange but unfortunately typical conversation recently took place between a Saudi and an American. Said the Saudi: “You know, I can’t believe how angry you Americans are with all of us Saudis.” To which the American replied: “Hey, don’t forget that 15 of the 19 hijackers were Saudis.”
The Saudi: “Maybe so but for 15 people, you can’t condemn an entire country.”
The American snapped back. “Don’t forget they demolished buildings in two of our principal cities and killed thousands.”
The Saudi: “We’ve also built schools in the US because of friendship.”
The American continued his theme: “15 of the 19.” The Saudi in exasperation: “This is all a Zionist plot. No use in talking to you.”

Ah yes, I had forgotten, every American hates Saudi Arabia and every Saudi thinks everything is a Zionist plot. Thanks for reminding me.

But, on a completely different note, this was in the Letters To The Editor:

"Peace ...
As we come to the end of Ramadan, the most spiritual time of the year for Muslims, and as we approach the Christmas season, the most spiritual time of the year for Christians, I would like to ask a favor of my friends and family of all faiths ...
My father is very ill with a still undiagnosed deteriorating neurological illness. In the last three months, he has lost the ability to speak. I have witnessed the miracle of prayer so many times in my life, and so I ask you to please pray for my father, and to ask everyone you know, who takes the time to pray for others, to do so as well.
Thank you ... God Bless you ... Eid Mubarak and Merry Christmas ...
Samia, published 4 December 2002"

Godspeed, Samia. My prayers are with you and your father during this time of crisis.

Oh, and Happy Hanukah.

:: Peter 12/03/2002 09:38:00 PM [+] ::
:: Monday, December 02, 2002 ::


What an achingly miserable Thanksgiving. Well, I guess I'm thankful that everyone's ok, no one is seriously injured. 100 miles into the drive to my sister's house a deer bolted across the highway. Needless to say, my brand new car (with 2400 hundred miles) is damn near ruined. Caved in the windshield, roof and most of the front end. Took a couple of hours to tweeze all the glass shards out of my arms. Thankfully, Andy is fine (he thought it was funny) and Anna only has a bruise on her arm (and the baby, due in February, is fine).

Let's review: two family trips this year. One: Father's Day: Andy in hospital. Two: Thanksgiving Day: Car ruined. Remind me never to leave the house. Had to wait for the cop, then the ambulance, then the tow truck, then for Hertz to come pick us up, drive us back to the closest airport so we could pick up a rental car.

Should never have left my house. Should have slammed the alarm clock shut and closed my eyes and gone back to sleep to dream sweet dreams about whatever it is middle-aged men dream about instead of avoiding going to sleep on a couch in my sister's basement because I have no desire to relive over and over again the sound of the deer crashing through my windshield. Everyone, even the cop, praised my driving and handling since I managed to control the car even though the windshield was 1) completely opaque with cracks and 2) physically touching the steering wheel since it was caved in so far.

Brand new freaking car. This is, in case anyone beside me is keeping score, the third car I have significantly damaged and not once has it been my fault. The Mazda was crushed by a tree during a tornado storm, the Chrysler (just last year) was rear ended in a hit and run and, now, the Hyundai lost a grudge match with Bambi the Satanic Deer, in league, obviously with Thumper the Satanic Bunny which put Andy in the hospital on Father's Day.

It'd be funny if I wasn't so damn poor.
:: Peter 12/02/2002 08:00:00 AM [+] ::

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