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:: Friday, January 10, 2003 ::


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:: Monday, January 06, 2003 ::


It's too early on a Monday morning for this. I make it a point to read the Arab News but this time I'm in no mood to 'Fisk' this crap.

I'll start with a short one:

If Christians, Jews and Hindus can have weapons of mass destruction, why are these weapons forbidden for Muslims?
Shafaat Ahmad Zahid, Riyadh published 6 January 2003"

1) Pakistan?
2) Christians? There's a 'Christian' country which has WMDs? Oh, you must mean America.
3) Since you mean America...well, I hate to bring it up but since there are 'Christians, Jew and Hindus' in America I guess you're right.
4) Oh, wait...there are Muslims in America too.
5) What was your point again?


"Jewish control
One of the things that Americans have been quite often — and quite loudly — using this column is to tell us about their freedom of expression and right to know. But who decides what opinion they should express and what they should know?
Is it not true that it is the Jews who control the media in the United States? Are not they the ones who own most of the media establishments and are not the commentators and analysts who get the best exposure mostly Jews? Is it not true that, because of this, the Jewish lobby is so powerful as to make the government deaf, blind and dumb so far as Jewish designs are concerned and, at the same time, make non-Jewish Americans believe that Jews are not involved in the decision-making process? Is it not also true that, because of this mind control through the media, the miniscule Jewish population is dictating terms to presidents — Republican or Democrat?
Of course, this is not true of all Americans. Many have written letters telling us how little news and information that challenges the Jewish version there is in the media. They are the Americans who have exercised their right to know — and know that they have been denied their right to know.
K.J. Haroon Basha, Alkhobar published 5 January 2003"

"Is it not true?"

Well, actually, no, it's not. You were saying?

And finally:

"Bush, Sharon, Hitler
I just read Khaled Al-Maeena’s article, “Why not train Israelis in the art of decolonization?” (Dec. 27), and I thought he did a beautiful job. Bravo for him!
I am Lebanese and feel outraged at the United States’ one-sided foreign policy. Not many argue against it, I assume, out of fear. Although the US claims it is a democratic country and people are free, I believe just the opposite. Bush, Sharon, Hitler — I see no difference.
Diane Shaheen, Beirut, Lebanon published 4 January 2003"

What's the old axiom? The first person to bring up Nazis or Hitler in an argument loses?

:: Peter 1/06/2003 08:54:00 AM [+] ::

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