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:: Friday, May 23, 2003 ::

Deep Throat: The Musical

You had to know it was only a matter of time, after the success of last year's off-broadway musical hit Debbie Does Dallas there has now been announced a musical based on the life of Linda Lovelace:

"Charlotte Caffey and Jane Wiedlin, members of the all-girl pop group The Go-Go's — who sang "We Got the Beat," "Vacation," "Head Over Heels" and more — are writing an Off-Broadway musical about the life of the late porn star Linda Lovelace, Billboard reported.
Caffey and Anna Waronker are the composers of Lovelace: The Musical, while Wiedlin is acting as creative consultant. Playwright Jeffrey Bowman wrote lyrics and will direct. Tina Yothers of "Family Ties" fame will star. A showcase production will take place June 20-22 and June 27 in Los Angeles. The show is set to open in New York at the Revelation Theatre in the fall."

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:: Thursday, May 22, 2003 ::

Funniest #$!*& Thing I've Read All Week

"American liberals feel their country is being taken from them and rage in impotent fury. It is impossible to underestimate, they say, how Sept. 11 has changed the rules of the political game. Security has become the Republicans trump card, and under its cloak the country is being driven unassailably to the right. This generation of Republicans respect neither the letter of the constitution nor its custom or practice. What they want is an entrenchment of their power and their own idiosyncratic world view — whether prioritizing tax cuts to enrich the “investor class” and so boost Wall Street, or insisting that pre-emptive unilateralism must rule in the name of homeland security."

Ok, typical liberal cliches in all the typical liberal places. This is from an editorial in The Guardian which the Arab News has picked up. But the punchline is the last sentence in this particular paragraph. The last sentence answers the question: Who is in the way of America, specifically the Republicans? What 'troika' (to use their word) is 'in the way'? You'd think, right off the bat, of the Axis of Evil, or, at least, perhaps, the Axil of Weasals. You'd be wrong. Who stands 'in the way'?

"The troika deemed to be in their way — the United Nations, France and the New York Times — are mocked and savaged."

Yes, 'the United Nations, France and the New York Times' are standing between the Republicans and everything the Republicans want. 'The United Nations, France and the New York Times' are 'in the way.'

I haven't laughed that hard in days.

But the Arab News isn't finished:

Also in the Arab News today is a report from Sheikh Ibrahim ibn Abdullah Al-Ghaith, president of the Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice:

"Referring to the flogging of young men arrested for flirting with girls, Al-Ghaith said such punishments were carried out with the permission of the governorates and authorities. “Our officials don’t carry sticks to beat people. What we do is that we hand over people involved in immoral and illegal activities to the police. There are a lot of exaggerated reports about our organization in the press and on the Internet,” he said."

Best of all, I'm not exaggerating at all, all I'm doing is quoting him.
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:: Wednesday, May 21, 2003 ::

The Query Letter (part 3)

Well, it's in the mail, officially. The very first (of, I'd assume, many) has been mailed. It was an odd feeling, optimistic...yet I'm so naturally pessimistic that it's almost surreal. This particular agent accepts the first 3 chapters along with a query letter (something I looked for, since the book is, in my opinion, stronger than the letter) up to 50 pages. Of course, my first 3 chapters total 15 pages. It's not just that I write short chapters, which I do, but that I like reading short chapters as well. If I'm reading I know that I keep thinking 'I'll stop reading when I finish this chapter.' I'd assume most people do that. With 5 page chapters, when I'm reading I keep thinking 'I'll just read one more chapter' which means I end up reading about 12 more.

2-3 weeks typical response time. In the meanwhile, more submissions will go out. Should hear back from the Library of Congress with my 'number' soon. 20 days until Joshua's surgery. June is going to be an odd month.

I read my wife's blog today, as I do every day. 1) It keeps me informed as to what's happening at home with my children, which is nice. 2) Even more importantly, it's really well written. She has a great 'voice' which really shines through her writing. It's a hell of a lot more entertaining than my site is, I know that.

The question is, when does she decide to write a romance novel?

Answer: it wouldn't surprise me if she's already begun.

Maybe I'll get to edit it.

Now that'd be fun.

Andy and I are still going to write a book for Joshua, we're going to do it while Josh is in the hospital.

June is going to be an odd month.
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:: Tuesday, May 20, 2003 ::

Query Letter

They say that any novel can be summarized in 30 words or less. Thanks to my wife I've finished the Query Letter. (subject, of course, to future revisions which will make this post obsolete)

It will be mailed, with SASE and sample chapters, tomorrow.

Josh's surgery is three weeks from today. The 'typical' response time on queries is 2-3 weeks.

In 3 days he'll be 3 months old.

Time flies.
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