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:: Friday, June 13, 2003 ::

Friday The 13th

Joshua has just been released from the hospital!!!!!!!! What a FANTASTIC Father's Day present! He's doing great!!! Thank you all so much for all of the support and prayers and friendship! It's meant so much to Anna and I!

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:: Wednesday, June 11, 2003 ::


Joshua is going to be spending one more night in the CICU so that they can observe him more closely due to his heart rate levels yesterday. They have taken out the breathing tube and he's breathing on his own. He looks SO much better today!!!

Thank you all so much for the support and prayers!
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:: Tuesday, June 10, 2003 ::

Tuesday night, already...

This day started at 4. I didn't throw up once. Neither Anna nor I passed out. Most importantly, Joshua's heart rate has stabilized and they're beginning the process of getting him off the sedation they've had him under all day. His breathing tube should be out by tomorrow morning at the latest, and, if all goes well, he'll be out of CICU and into a 'regular' pediatric cardiology room sometime tomorrow. Just in time for big brother Andy to finally see Josh. It's been a long day. It's been an incredibly long day. We did take pictures. Might not post them (who really wants to see a 3 month old baby in bloody bandages and a thousand wires and tubes, even if the baby is adorable and there's a cute little duck in the bed with him...). But one day he'll be able to look at them.

I can't begin to thank everyone for the prayers and support and good wishes and friendship. Anna and I have been overwhelmed by the absolute love. We can never thank you all enough. Thank you so much.

:: Peter 6/10/2003 09:53:00 PM [+] ::

Joshua Update

Joshua is out of surgery. He's currently in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit (CICU) and doing well. He has a slightly elevated heart rate but they're giving him medicine for that. Thank you all so very very much for all of the prayers. Anna or I will be posting updates as we can.
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:: Monday, June 09, 2003 ::


Tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow...

It's going to be a long day. A long week. It's already been a long month, a long year. They tell us this is simple, they tell us this is routine. They tell, most importantly, that after the surgery Joshua will be fine. Nothing else matters.

Poetry, poetry, poetry...

I decided last night, as 'this week' quietly became 'tomorrow' to sit down and write.

Four stones came to rest today
Upon the riverbank…

They continued their journey together
Determined to survive
The gentle water carried them
Cared for them
Shared their thoughts
And the river was pleased…

The water protected them
Watched and learned from them
Supported and taught them…

Four stones came to rest today
Upon the riverbank
The river smiled
And continued on its way…

Prayers, prayers, prayers...

Thank you for the prayers. Thank you for the support and encouragment. Especially for the prayers.


I'll post tomorrow. Today is for poetry and prayers.

Thank you.
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:: Sunday, June 08, 2003 ::

Sunday June 8, 2003

Something strange happened at midnight last night. 'Next week' suddenly became 'this week.' As in, the surgery is this week. Something stranger still happens tonight, when 'this week' will suddenly become 'tomorrow.'

Anna and Joshua drove the 4 hours yesterday so they're already in town for the surgery. Andy and I will follow tomorrow. The logistics of this is rather surreal. Then again, all of this is slightly surreal. The surgery is now less than 40 hours away. I'm not ready. I'll never be ready for this. Anna told me the other night that Tuesday will be the worse day of her life. Mine as well.

I'll post tomorrow, before leaving, and I'll update as possible throughout the week. Thank you for the prayers and support. It's meant more than we can ever express.

:: Peter 6/08/2003 03:24:00 PM [+] ::

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