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:: Thursday, August 14, 2003 ::

Model Airplanes

This is a wonderful story. It really is. These people flew a model airplane, one of those little remote controlled toys, across the Atlantic to Ireland.

That's great, wonderful. It's America know-how and ingenuity at its best.

It's also a little scary. Because I can't help but think of some terrorist putting little bombs on a model airplane and flying it somewhere...filled with some type of chemical or biological weapon.

Is something that small invisible to radar?
:: Peter 8/14/2003 04:39:00 PM [+] ::


"America should know that its continuing humiliation of the Arab world only adds fuel to an already-burning fire. Americans and those who help them are not thinking clearly when they make plans to fight the Islamic world. They seem unaware that Muslims are willing to sacrifice their lives and money to protect their beliefs. Jews are not willing to defend their beliefs nor are they willing to sacrifice their lives and money. No one can win against our principles."

That bit of crap you've just read is from a column in today's Arab News.

Here's a quick translation:

"Muslims are willing to sacrifice their lives and money to protect their beliefs."

Translation: 'We'll blow ourselves up for what we believe. We'll blow our children up for what we beleive."

"Jews are not willing to defend their beliefs nor are they willing to sacrifice their lives and money."

Translation: 'Jews always beat the crap out of us in a fair fight but they're unwilling to blow themselves up for what they believe and they're unwilling to blow their children up for what they beleive, therefore they're weak.'

"No one can win against our principles."

Translation: 'By the time we're done blowing ourselves up for what we believe there will be no more Muslims left. Praise Allah.'

:: Peter 8/14/2003 04:08:00 PM [+] ::
:: Wednesday, August 13, 2003 ::


I truly love the Headlines segment on Leno. This is why:

:: Peter 8/13/2003 01:00:00 PM [+] ::

Martin K. Speckter

Who, you're probably asking yourself, is Martin K. Speckter?

He invented the Interrobang.

What, you're probably asking yourself, is an Interrobang.

"As an advocate of precision in communication, the concept of the INTERROBANG was introduced by Martin K. Speckter in 1962 in an article written for TYPEtalks Magazine.
The INTERROBANG was created to fill a gap in our punctuation system where writers often used typographically cumbersome and unattractive combinations of the question mark and exclamation mark to punctuate rhetorical statements where neither the question nor an exclamation alone exactly served the writer. (HOW ABOUT THAT?!)"

And, in case you're wondering:

"You can find an interrobang in Microsoft Word's Fonts. Go to Format, choose Fonts, then Wingdings 2. You'll find 4 different versions of the interrobang. Hit the ` ~ key, the ] } key, the 6 ^ key, or the - _ key."

:: Peter 8/13/2003 08:11:00 AM [+] ::
:: Monday, August 11, 2003 ::

We don't want to help you anyway

Too mean?

"A few days ago I was asked by a concerned American on what she could contribute in aid of the Palestinian people and for the first time in my life I understood when Malcolm X was asked years ago again by an American what could she do to help the blacks in America and he answered her “nothing”. Of course Malcolm X apologized, later to that lady and I today apologize for thinking it if not saying it."

'Nothing'? You want 'nothing'? One big heaping helping of 'nothing' coming right up. No apologies necessary.

"However, I can no longer suffer the excuses my American friends give me of their countrymen’s blinded support of Israel."

Quiz: How many Israelis were there among the 19 hijackers on 9/11?

Quiz: How many Palestinians celebrated on 9/11?

Quiz: Who's blind?

"They tell me that Americans are ignorant of the true facts about the Arab Israeli conflict. They say that the Arabs have failed in getting their message to the American public and we should try harder."

Ah, yes, try harder. It's so difficult to try NOT to kill people.

"If the Americans are incapable of finding out the truth for themselves on any thing than they are either dumb or criminally negligent."

Perhaps the truth is what they found...and they STILL support Israel. Perhaps you should look for the truth as well.

But then you couldn't blame the Jews no more.

:: Peter 8/11/2003 06:12:00 PM [+] ::

Screaming Eagles

Sometimes the world is a place full of tiny small little miracles. My grandmother had heart surgery last week so she now has a partially matching scar to Joshua's, he's almost 6 months old now while she is 88 years young.

She's doing great.

Joshua is doing great.

Meanwhile, around the world, Carlos C. Huerta, the "United States Army Battalion Chaplain (rabbi) 1st Battalion, 320th Field Artillery 101st Airborne Division (Screaming Eagles)." reports from Nineveh.

Yes, that Nineveh.

You know, Jonah, the whale. That Nineveh.

"Climbing over the rotting garbage, I realized I was the first Jew to
enter this holy place in over 50 years.

I am writing to you from Nineveh, the city of the prophet Jonah. Its
present name is Mosul. I have had the privilege of seeing its ancient walls, of touching its stones, of going to the grave Islamic tradition says is the prophet Jonah's.

There is a mosque at the site; but hundreds of years ago, the Iraqis we work with tell me, it was a synagogue. They tell me the reason the site is so sacred is because of the sacredness in which the Jews held it.

Presently, there are no signs of this ancient synagogue."

There's apparently a highway now through the old Jewish cemetary.

Of course, there's also now a major of the Screaming Eagles on site.

God bless America.
:: Peter 8/11/2003 08:36:00 AM [+] ::

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