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:: Friday, September 19, 2003 ::

Safety Second?

There was a time, with the attacks fresh in everyone's mind, when the safety of our airlines was high priority. That time, apparently, has passed:

"Since the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, diners in first-class airline compartments have been provided a stainless steel fork and spoon -- and a plastic knife.
That rule has now been relaxed by the Transportation Security Administration. A spokeswoman for Northwest Airlines said the change was announced Sept. 8 and Northwest began providing steel dinner knives on Sept. 16, after the utensils passed a TSA inspection."

Yes, our Homeland Security people at work again on our safety.

Perhaps those dinner knives won't ever be used in a hijacking. But to bring them back to appease those in first class (coach class will NOT be getting the steel knives, don't you know) is ridiculous and just goes to show how much of a joke the TSA is.

:: Peter 9/19/2003 09:15:00 AM [+] ::
:: Thursday, September 18, 2003 ::

A Nice Day

What is a 'nice day'?

Is it a day where you win the lottery after having glorious sex?

Is it a simple day where you spend time with loved ones?

Is it watching the sun set after such a day?

Or, really, is it any day which is not spent in constant fear that some idiot, desperate for 72 virgins, will attempt to kill you? Will attempt to blow up children, women, old men, civilians in the deluded belief that his (or her) god has decreed the blowing up of children, women, old men, civilians to be not only good but necessary?

What is a nice day?

And why is Fawaz Turki wishing Ariel Sharon to have one?

"If Zionism were still based in Europe — and right now that doesn’t seem such a bad idea — its call for a Jewish state in Palestine, a land always inhabited by another people, would have been seen as an absurdity, and as a crackpot notion by the overwhelming majority of Jews — as indeed it was when Theodore Herzl broached it in 1896 in his book “Judenstaat.”"

Nice of Turki (can I call you Turki? It just seems appropriate somehow) to admit, in print, once again, that what the Arabs want is the Jews out of the middle east. What, didn't see that? Look again: "If Zionism were still based in Europe — and right now that doesn’t seem such a bad idea " 'A land always inhabited by another people.' How very interesting, since that's not true. Were there muslims in what is now Israel 2000 years ago in the time of Christ? No. How, you might be asking yourself, do I know that for a fact. Well, seeing as how Islam was invented about 1400 years ago, before that there were no muslims...duh, but see, Turki, that's a fact and you obviously have no clue what a 'fact' is.

"Because of the confluence of several tricks of fate — European sympathy for Jews in the wake of World War II, massive American support, and weak Arab states that had just barely emerged from generations of stultifying colonial rule — Zionists were able to transform themselves from mendicants with begging bowls, in the 1930s, to conquerors with Apache helicopters ruling over the destiny, land and resources of the whole of Palestine and its native people in our time."

Yes, this Turki just called the Holocaust, where 6 millions Jews lost their lives, a 'trick of fate.' That's all the Holocaust was apparently. Guess what Turki, there were no resources there before Jews brought flowers to the desert. It's not Apache helicopters which rule over destiny, it Jews who created their own destiny. What have the Arabs created recently?

There are no native Palestinians you Turki, just Arabs no one wants.

"Today, this rule extends even to the threat of expulsion, or assassination, of these people’s chosen leaders. The latest such threat? The expulsion of Yasser Arafat from his homeland, formalized by the Israeli Cabinet last Thursday."

His 'homeland'? Who's threatening to kick Arafat out of Egypt? I hadn't know that, I thought the idea was to send him to Egypt (or somewhere else, but since he is an Egyptian we'll go with Egypt).

"Much of the world, in its own fashion, denounced the decision. Washington saw it as “counterproductive,” the UN’s Security Council as “unwise,” the European Union as a “terrible mistake,” and the Arab League as a “declaration of war on the political process.”"

Isn't that the Anti-Idiotarian Trifecta? To do something condemned by the UN, the EU and the Arab League. With a 'counterproductive' from Powell as a bonus.

"All well and good. But how do Arabs — real, ordinary Arabs — see this latest outrage? They’re hopping mad at the brazenness of the whole exercise. That is, they’re saying, in effect, who are these illegal immigrants in Palestine, who hail from Russia, Poland, Morocco, Brooklyn and elsewhere, to tell Palestinians, at this late date in postcolonial times, what leaders they should have in, and what leaders will be expelled from, their homeland."

Ah yes, the Arab Street. Ever realize that the "Arab Street" is not only a one-way but it's a dirt road in the middle of nowhere, filled with potholes and ruts? 'Illegal immigrants'? Oh, right, you don't know any facts, I forgot. But, I guess, if you repeat a lie often enough somoene might actually believe you. Those people are called Parisians.

"Zionists, after all these years, still don’t get it, do they? They don’t realize, for example, that their enemy is not Yasser Arafat — a man who, entre nous, a lot of us don’t hold a brief for — but the Palestinian people themselves. They can keep him or expel him, talk to him or render him “irrelevant,” bomb his compound or shake his hand on the White House Lawn, but in the end it is the Palestinians whom Israel must answer to. These proud people will not allow themselves to be humiliated by a 300-pound gorilla like Ariel Sharon, effectively telling them: “We’re going to expel your leaders because we don’t like them. So there, have a nice day.”"

Zionists know that Arafat is not their only enemy. They know who their enemy is. Their enemy is the same as my enemy, anyone who wants to kill them. So, Turki, you're correct, Arafat isn't their enemy. Arabs are. Is that the point you're trying to make?

"Yet Israel has tried to do that, and much more, over and over again, since 1967, resorting to every conceivable measure of repression to subdue Palestinians — name an instrument of repression at the hands of a brutal occupier, they’ve used it — and still failed to have its way. So what gives with the Zionist entity in Palestine?"

Name one? Fine: Nuclear weapons. How'd you like a nice mushroom cloud in Mecca? Or Medina? Cairo? Tehran? Amman? Riyadh? Or, simply, kick the Palestinians out the way every other country they've fucked up has done, like Lebanon or Kuwait.

Oops, sorry, that would be another one of those pesky facts.

Here's a speech I'd like to see Sharon (or Bush, for that matter) make.

"My fellow humans (Israelis/Americans...),

I stand before you a humble man. Too many innocents have died. Too many children have been murdered. Too many civilians have been attacked. Too many rules of civilization have been broken by cowards. Too many ambulances have been used not to help the injured but to kill. Too many terrorists have been supported by too many rogue nations. And I, for one, have had enough. Enough! No more.

No more will I allow an innocent soul to die on my watch. No more will I stand by and wait for the other shoe to drop. No more. Appeasement has been tried. It failed. Diplomacy has been tried. It failed. No more. Enough.

And so, I stand before you a humble man. But a determined one. There will be a new policy in regards to terror. From this day forward, there are no more last chances, no more road maps on dead-end streets. No more. Enough.

The next terror attack, in Jerusalem, Baghdad, Bali, Chechnya, or Boise will be considered to be an Act of War. Whether that attack is a suicide bombing in Tel Aviv which kills 14 or a church bombing in India which kills 40 it will be considered as an Act of War. Whether that attack is a stabbing in a settlement in Israel or a planeload of innocents piloted by a madman into a building in New York it will be considered an Act of War. Whether that attack is a gas attack in Bali or a sniper attack in Baghdad it will be considered to be an Act of War.

And the response will be sure, swift and deadly. There will be no more chances. Enough. No more.

The next attack by terrorists or those who support them will be considered an Act of War. Twenty-four hours after that attack the city of Riyadh will be destroyed. No second chances. Enough. No more. Should there be an attack, anywhere on Earth, after that, be it the next day, the next week, the next year, or the next decade, the cities of Mecca and Amman will be destroyed. No questions. No second chances. Enough. No more.

It took two nuclear explosions to convince the Japanese that America had had enough. How many will it take to convince the terrorists and their supporters?

Want to find out?

Have a nice day."

What, still think we 'don't get it'?

"Israelis, I say, don’t get it. The question of whether or not they expel Yasser Arafat is, beg pardon, “irrelevant.” What is relevant is that, led by hard-core, old-guard expansionists still living in colonial times, Israelis, alas, appear today to be in the ring committed to fighting Palestinians till the bitter end. One people stays, one goes. One has his day, the other his eclipse. The outcome of that fight, however — a fight between a native people backed by the entire Arab world, the Islamic world, the non-aligned world, and much of the European world, and an Israel ensconced in the heartland of the Middle East, all by itself, whose only backer is a big power with shifting strategic interests — is pre-ordained: Israel will end up kissing canvas. Knocked down and out by historical imperatives, if not by Palestinians themselves."

Do you really think, Turki, that it's the Israelis who will end up 'kissing canvas'? All the armies of all the Arabs couldn't do it when Israel was an infant, want to try it now?

"Meanwhile, if Yasser Arafat is indeed expelled or murdered, it is likely that the resistance in the occupied territories will show Israel a bit of Palestinian steel."

We have seen 'Palestinian Steel.' In pictures from the West Bank and Gaza where little children are abused at the hands of their parents, given weapons larger than they are. But have you ever noticed that the only times these weapons are used is when they're fired into the air. The only 'army' the Palestinians are willing to put on the line are cowardly homicide bombers.

"Yes, we’re hopping mad. If you got nothing, you got nothing to lose, that is, if you must die by the sword, you will live by the sword. So there, Sharon, have a nice day."

You have nothing because of other Arabs. You had jobs and a growing society only a decade ago, what happened to it? Oh, right, that's another fact.

You're right, Turki, about one thing though: you'll die by the sword. See, the 'Palestinian Steel' you speak of is, in reality, a very very very small little sword. It's broken as well. Rusted and the arms holding it are hiding behind children. Cowards.

Have a nice day.

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:: Wednesday, September 17, 2003 ::


My boys...

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