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:: Wednesday, November 26, 2003 ::


Joshua's surgery was almost 6 months ago. He's 9 months old now and doing great!

In all of the middle east, all those oil rich countries exporting terror, one little girl was born in Iraq this month with a heart defect.

Such a serious heart defect that it's fatal within weeks.

An Iraqi child. In need of medical attention.

Medical attention which no one in the middle east knew how to give. Doesn't that say it all? How many US hospitals could have saved this poor child's life? Where did they take her to save her?


Where else?

"The tiny Iraqi baby, wrapped in a red and yellow blanket, arrived in Israel on Tuesday from Iraq, along with her mother and father, for an operation to correct the heart defect.
The week-old infant was born in a hospital near Kirkuk, Iraq, with the arteries to her heart reversed.
An American doctor working with U.S. forces in Iraq discovered Jassem's problem and went looking for help. He was put in touch with an Israeli hospital that was familiar with treating this type of heart defect. A doctor in Israel instructed an Iraqi physician on how to stabilize Jassem before she left the country.
No child in Iraq has ever had this kind of surgery, because no Iraqi doctors had ever been trained in this procedure."

:: Peter 11/26/2003 01:28:00 PM [+] ::

Just a thought...

'Dude, Where's My Feet' author, Michael Moore has, on today's 'Must Read' section:

"Oh yes... we almost forgot to let you know... Osama bin Laden doesn't really matter anymore. Who cares where he is or what evil he's doing."

If the Bush policy had been to track OBL down to the ends of the earth, ignoring Iraq/Afghanistan/and everything else don't you think today's 'Must Read' would have been:

"Oh yes... we almost forgot to let you know... Saddam Hussein doesn't really matter anymore. Who cares where he is or what evil he's doing."

:: Peter 11/26/2003 08:17:00 AM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, November 25, 2003 ::


Rarely have truer words been spoken: These from the brilliant James Lileks:

"Please, please, please Corporate America: do not put the Cat in the Hat on any more products. The sight of that thing gives me nightmares. It should not be. If in olden tymes such a beast sauntered into town, the menfolk would pick up shovels and beat it to death."
:: Peter 11/25/2003 10:30:00 AM [+] ::

More predictions

Since my last predictions were right on I figured I'd continue.

Again, I'm not sure if they're cutting 1 or 2 on next week's Average Joe but if they're only cutting one it will be Michael. If they're cutting 2 then it'll be Michael and Zach.

I'd never have thought Zach would be cut so soon but judging from the teaser clip it looks as though Zach screws up the 'hidden camera/fat costume' thing. It looks like a good idea though. However, you'd think they'd all be at least a little suspicious of anything out of the ordinary. At least they should be.

'Hey, it's Melana's cousin...maybe she's going to report everything back to Melana.' That thought had to have occured to them all. It's a nice touch of the producers to then have hidden cameras catch what they think.

However, there's a problem with that. There were cameras which caught Melana's first thoughts of the 'Average Joes' in the first ep. The 'Average Joes' weren't privy to her private thoughts to see her first reaction, why, exactly, should Melana be allowed to have any 'secret' intel to make her decisions if the 'Average Joes' aren't allowed any?

Yes, sure, it's more dramatic this way. But sometimes drama is overrated. And, I'm sure, there are other ways to increase the drama without doing something so blatantly unfair.

Of course, basing the preceding rant on one 30 second teaser isn't fair either and I could be completely wrong. Only have to wait til next Monday to find out.

Now, as for Alex crying...not going to go there. John I thought would be the one to tear up.

Am I the only one wondering what Dennis is doing now? I'm hoping they'll do one of those last ep reunion shows.

Have to figure the front runner now is Jason.
:: Peter 11/25/2003 09:37:00 AM [+] ::
:: Monday, November 24, 2003 ::

Poor Mr. Ed...

"A naked man was found having intercourse with a horse in a stable on McCaffery Road around 6:30 a.m. on Nov. 17. Flathead County Sheriff Jim Dupont said the man, still nude, fled on foot when the owner of the horse entered the stable.
"He left his boots and a bottle of hand lotion behind," Dupont said."

So...what brand of hand lotion is it?

:: Peter 11/24/2003 04:57:00 PM [+] ::


Not sure if 2 or 3 get cut tonight.

My guess is that John and Alex get cut.

There's a poll up on the Average Joe site:

"Will the arrival of the new guys change Melana's feelings for the Average Joes?
Yes, she'll fall for their good looks
No, she's proven she's not that shallow"

Current results:

'Yes' is way way ahead: 84% to 16%.

Doesn't tell how many votes though. Still doesn't look good for Melana though.

If 3 are cut tonight it wouldn't surprise me if the third cut is either Adam or Jason, probably Adam.

:: Peter 11/24/2003 04:12:00 PM [+] ::

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