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:: Wednesday, January 28, 2004 ::

Average Joe: New Hampshire

Once again John K. won the night. By a 14 percentage point margin (which would mean something if the voting pool had been large enough to make 14 points mean more than the population of a very very small town). The challenge of the bitter cold, not to mention a week-long intensive anger management seminar for Howard D., made for a less than tight fought contest. No one was voted off but Joe L., Al S., and Dennis K. are all candidates to hear those dreaded words next: 'You're fired.'

Joe L. due to his perceived lack of 'electability.' Read: He was Al G's partner in the last season and can't shake that feeling of Democratic doom which pervaded that contest in hindsight.

Al S. should have a minor comeback in the next few episodes, mainly those Average Joe: Southern States eps which will be appearing almost daily over the next month or so. But once he flames out with those it'll be close to over, no matter what Jesse J. once did in a late 80's version of Average Joe: America where Michael D. won the battle but lost the war. It will, however, set Al S. up nicely for a cushy speech slot at the convention and a larger say in the party than the party would probably wish.

And Dennis K. would most likely be the next to be voted off the island except I can't help thinking his entire campaign is as the star of The Mole. What other explanation is there for some of his ideas and actions. If he's The Mole (or, conversely, appearing in a months-long version of The Surreal Life) then he's done a poor job of it, barely able to stir his own fans and completely unable to affect the appearance or activities of his fellow contestants. If he was on American Idol he wouldn't have gotten past the screening process to be mocked by Simon and Randy (though if Paula had been healthy she probably would have at least expressed sympathy for his valiant effort before shaking her head with a shy smile and saying 'No').

Next episodes: Average Joe: Arizona, Deleware, Missouri, New Mexico, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Virgina, North Dakota.

Look for at least three different contestants to pull out individual victories, since there should be at least one contest where each of the main contestants are playing to their strengths. If Joe L. doesn't pull at least one second expect him to voluntarily leave the series, though some will say the self-expulsion is 1) a week too late and 2) not exactly voluntary. Dennis K. might try to last until the money dries up but 1) he has money? and 2) Average Joe: Ohio is not until March (not even in Feb. sweeps) and no one in Ohio is planning on voting for him, no matter how many times host Ryan Seacrest explains ATT text-message voting. And Al. S is expecting a strong showing in Average Joe: South Carolina and might decide to stick around long enough to try to see how he does in Average Joe: Georgia (March 2) and Florida, Louisiana, and Mississippi (March 9).

In other words, we won't know who is in the Dog Eat Dog final faceoff against George B. until much later this year.

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:: Monday, January 26, 2004 ::

Blog Madness 2003

Well, Round 1 has started. And I'm trolling for votes. For me and for Anna. Go vote! I hope the link for Anna's vote is working, if not, please go to the main tourney page and look for the MrsPseudopsalms bracket.
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