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:: Wednesday, February 04, 2004 ::

Pseudopsalms Has Moved

No more BlogSpot. No more dead links. No more Blogger.


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:: Peter 2/04/2004 01:29:00 PM [+] ::

Average Joe: Arizona, Missouri, Delaware, North Dakota, New Mexico, South Carolina, Oklahoma

Seven 'tribes' voted yesterday: Joe L. was sent home. A shame really since he sometimes appeared to be the only one of the remaining contestants who hadn't tilted too far over to the left to be able to remain standing in the fall season when new episodes of Average Joe: America begin.

John K. came through big, not quite as big as he'd have probably liked but a lot bigger than he ever could have imagined before Howard D. gave a crash course in, well, crashing. John E. did exactly what he needed to do, but it won't be enough. It sets him up very well to be the winner in the next Average Joe: Iowa and New Hampshire episodes in 2008 when Hillary C. should be his main opponent.

Of course, most likely, Hillary C. realizes this. And, being Hillary C. she must be looking at her master 2008 plan and thinking not so happy thoughts about John E.

Here's her thought process: John E. is setting himself up perfectly for 2008. He's too young and inexperienced now but in 2008 he'll not have that drawback because of the race in 2003/2004 for the nomination.

Here's her conclusion: In order to be the presumptive front runner in 2008 I can't be the 1 term former senator from the great state of New York. But I can be the team-playing supportive running mate to John K. in 2004.

Lose in Average Joe: America 2004 and Hillary C. would be in a better situation than John E. for 2008. Win in 2004 and she's set for 2012, even though that's so far away.

Could we see a John K./Hillary C. team in the fall? And could they win?

When will Al S. and Dennis K. be voted off? I'm not really sure anyone even realizes they're still on the show.

And Howard D.

Howard, we barely knew you. Which, of course, was when you were winning. Then we got to know you. At least Vermont is a really nice state to retire in.

Wesley C. Well, time to pack it in before it gets any worse. You won a state. Now gracefully thank Oklahoma and pledge to support the winner.

Of course, that course of action would require grace.

So expect him to slog on into Average Joe: Super Tuesday. Losing support daily.

John K. v. John E. for the next month. Won't be that close a contest. By Super Tuesday most voters will be resigned to John K. being the victor so they'll vote for him no matter what. Sort of like all the voters in Average Joe: Delaware voted for him just because of his momentum.

Next eps: Average Joe: Michigan and Washington on Feb. 7.

:: Peter 2/04/2004 08:24:00 AM [+] ::
:: Tuesday, February 03, 2004 ::

Average Joe: Hawaii

Lots of Boston accent time last night...must be a tribute to the Patriots. One question: When, exactly, did Brian W. get that haircut? It's a good look for him...after all, it works for Ed Stephens:

Brian W. before haircut, no pictures of him after haircut are available yet


Have to say: I'm going to miss Ed!

For those looking for AJ updates for Melana and Jason: per People magazine they're no longer together. Adam's new Average Joe episodes are slated to begin in March.

Surprises: I had rather assumed Brian G. and Thomas would be cut. I agree with his question on the preview where he asks why he's still around. I'm looking forward to that answer. I think the last remaining 'Average Joes' will be Brian W. and Tony.

The new guys: no real surprises on the booted guys. When Jerry left that was the first time I can remember actually hearing his voice. The last two will end up being Michael K. (who will lose due to his 'arrogance' since Larissa definitely did not seem to care for hearing about that) and Todd (and I can't see Larissa getting over her bad feelings about him).

Which of course leaves Brian W. and Tony, each of whom will probably get at least one more alone date with Larissa.

There's a lot of episodes left and I'll change my prediction as needed but I think it'll be Brian W. Which will drive my wife crazy since she doesn't much care for his accent (or any accent for that matter...she doesn't like southern accents either).

As for 'Average Joe: Arizona, Delaware, Missouri, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oklahoma, and South Carolina.' Final results tomorrow (doubt I'll post tonight on the returns unless there's something truly odd). I'll assume it'll be Kerry across most of the board with Edwards coming in second a lot. Looking like a John-John ticket. And in the first George W. v. John K. debate look for John K. to borrow Wesley C's line asking 'Do you feel safer now than 4 years ago?' Not 'Are you safer?' But 'Do you feel safer?' since we all know that how we feel matters more than facts.

Howard D? Years from now poli sci students will study his campaign in the month of January 2004 as a textbook example of what not to do in a campaign. These courses, of course, will be taught by people who, when they were in college, were a part of the Dean Revolution.

:: Peter 2/03/2004 01:09:00 PM [+] ::

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